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ISmell:Par Nabil Chaibi

WHAT IS ISmell ?
 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to smell the flowers that you order online before purchasing them? Or be able to “taste-smell” a variety of perfumes while surfing the web?
The iSmell or iSmell Personal Scent Synthesizer was a computer peripheral device developed by DigiScents in 2001.

How Does it Work?
The iSmell device was incorporated in February 2000 by DigiScents founders, Joel Lloyd Bellenson and Dexster Smilth. DigiScents developed the iSmell scent "player" and scent cartridge. The cartridge, modeled after a print cartridge, is made up of scent creating materials similar to those used in the food and cosmetic industry. The iSmell device, which is pictured above, attaches to your computer and "plays" small amounts of scent.
Here's how the overall program works:
* DigiScents indexes thousands of smells based on their chemical structure and their place on the scent spectrum
* Each scent is then coded and digitized into a small file.
* The digital file is embedded in Web content or email.
* A user requests or triggers the file by clicking a mouse or opening an email.
* A small amount of the aroma is emitted by the device in the direct vicinity of the user.
The iSmell cartridge contains 128 primary odors. When these 128 odors are mixed, thousands of other scents are created. The iSmell device can be turned off at any time and users can block any unwork.
Par : Nabil Chaibi

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